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For self-certified high net worth individuals/sophisticated investors only, the Policy and Strategy Consulting -PSC is pleased to offer you a 30% stake investment opportunity in Ikun Integrated Agro-Allied project for a 25-year lease- operate agreement. Returns On Investment is projected to run into hundreds of millions of naira.

Study the investment details below carefully:


  • Operations Overview

a) Dairy Farm resuscitation for fresh milk and cheese production and processing for export and local consumption

b) Cattle Breeding using scientific-artificial insemination, fattening and slaughtering for beef-protein extraction for supply to western region states (Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti and Ondo.

c) Regular growing and harvesting of cashew and groundnuts, Sorghum, Soya beans and maize for production of livestock feeds and processing for exports.

d) Growing of various high value vegetables for export and domestic markets.

e) Contained Breeding of West Africa goats for exports to United Arab Emirate (UAE) and other Arab countries.

f) Training of professional farm managers and operators to augment the national manpower needs for the nation’s Agronomics industry.


  • Project Facilities


  1.  1,000 hectares of cultivable land area

  2.  Tractor (Pay-Loader).

  3.  Cattle Pens

  4.  Calve Bays

  5. Farm lodges (bungalows)

  6. Dairy Milk Production and Processing plant

  7. Serviceable Industrial Dairy Milk Extractor – Installed

  8. Various farm processing equipment


  • Investment Overview


  • Total investment required is N200,000,000.00 (Two Hundred Million Naira Only)

  • Principal project promoters’ reserved stake is N140,000,000(One Hundred And Forty Million Naira).

  • Percentage of total investment on offer is 30%  – N60,000,000.00 (Sixty Million Naira)

  •  N75,000,000.00 (Seventy Five Million Naira) - Project site / Farm land occupancy lease

  • N65,000,000.00 (Sixty Five Million) farm Assets and facilities

  • N60,000,000.00 (Sixty Million) Farm operations and management.

  • Projected first year revenue is N250M. Projected first years expenditure is N185M with estimated profit of N65M.

  • Projected 2nd year revenue is N300M. Projected 2nd year expenditure is N198M with estimated profit of N102M.

  •  Projected 3rd year revenue is N375M. Projected 2nd year expenditure is N220M with estimated profit of N155M


  • Investment Management Structure


  • The principal project promoters – FEG AGRO -Tropical Cattle Ranch shall officially note and register the interest of the investor(s) with agreed percentage shareholdings with the Corporate Affairs Commission with proportionate board representation. The principal promoters are seasoned farm managers with national and international recognition.


  • PSC - Policy and Strategy Consulting shall serve as project management and compliance consultant to the project.


  • Better process and procedure guides and policy shall always govern the operations of the project.


  • Background

The Federal Government of Nigeria during the 2nd republic under former President Shehu Shagari administration established the farm as an integrated agro allied farm to serve and support the food security need of the country. It was christened Ikun-Dairy Farms situated within the then larger Ondo State under Chief Michel Ajasin.  The project has 1,000 hectares of land area approved for its operations.



For more enquiries, contact: +234(0)803 302 5886

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