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Wealth creation in agribusiness is no longer a mystery, it has been demystified and there are places where you can get these practical insights in very organised yet beautiful atmospheres. At Hadur Travel and Tours, we organise tours in a professional way to such places. All you have to do is focus on the mind-empowering insights that will enable you turn around your financial fortunes  while we take care of the logistics and demands of the tour.

Here’s what one of our past Agro Tourists shared after a trip to Songhai Centre, in Port Novo, Benin Republic.

MR JOHN KUNU :  “Having been in the agric business for about 15 years and having visited several large farms in Nigeria and abroad, I thought I had seen it all and was not expecting anything new but was pleasantly surprised by my Songhai experience. We were fortunate enough to have been conducted round the farm by The Director himself, Rev. Father Godfrey Nzamujo  He first took us to the natural gas plant, where gas was being produced from waste to power the massive generators that provided light for the whole complex. Next we went to the numerous large fish ponds, the grasscutter, quail and poultry sections where all the bird droppings were constantly being washed into the fish ponds to serve as food for them.

 We also visited the re-cycling plant where all manner of waste plastic were being processed into materials for making buckets, cups and other plastic utensils. Finally we made it to the crop farms and I was introduced for the first time to the revolutionary concept of the use of positive bacteria added to farm compost to boost crop yield and make chemical fertilizer unnecessary.”

That’s just one of the many testimonies. At the places we take our clients to, even if you are a self-starter with shortage of funds to launch the business, you will be taught how you can start small with the little you have.

If you are still in paid employment, wouldn’t you want to learn how you can retire in grandstyle with the enduring wealth from agricultural business?

So why take chances, treading unknown paths to the much desired success in your agribusiness when you can take sure steps?

Some of our tours this Year 2017 include

·        Songhai Centre in Benin Republic 28th May to 1st June, 27th to 31st Aug, 19th to 23rd Nov. 2017.        Special Group Tours for organisations and networks also available on request

·        Nairobi Kenya- 12th to 17th June, 2017  for Agritech Africa

·        Israel Tour - 19th - 26th  October (Combined Agro + Pilgrimage).

           Israel pilgrimage - 20 - 27th DecemberIsrael pilgrimage - 20 - 27th December



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