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Some EU companies coming to Nigeria in November for the Lagos International Trade fair by LCCI are interested in Business to Business Meetings with individuals, businesses and non-business organisations interested in any of these products described below which reduce Operating Costs and thereby increase Returns on Investments of agribusinesses and other businesses

These EU companies want to meet with Investors, Producers/ Exporters of fruits, vegetables and horticultural crops, Distributors of technology products, Representatives of farmers’ cooperatives, Representatives of renewable energy associations, Government agencies involved in rural electrification, Technical partners in Nigeria, Public procurers who have access to bidding on current or future power projects, Manufacturing companies needing to reduce electricity costs significantly, Solar panel distributors, Owners or staff of laboratories, Food Quality control consultants, Food safety organisations, Large Poultry farms, Companies in the food sector, Customers/End users etc

To meet with these visiting foreign company representatives in Nigeria between November 3rd to November 12th, this year, please contact: +234(0)8084356958,, WhatsApp: +234(0)8092236484

The Products are:


Air-blast sprayers and Mistblowers sprayers from Pulverizadores Fede enable the farmer to be more productive – getting good quality harvests in the production of fruit, citric, olive, vineyard and horticultural crops without damaging the environment. The Sprayers can be adapted to the needs and characteristics of each country and its crops.   

The quality of harvests depend predominantly on spraying, so farmers need to carry out pest and disease prevention and protection treatments with maximum efficiency in order to get crops of  optimum quality for sale. This technology has been developed by Pulverizadores Fede experts in protection of specialty crops to offer, in turn, a greater efficiency with which the farmers can increase their productivity. The air-blast sprayers designed by this brand, with 50 years of experience and specialisation in citrus fruits, offer 30% more air volume with lower power consumption, which translates into a fuel saving of up to 4litres/hour compared to other brands. A study carried out by the IVIA (Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research) confirms that the Futur air-blast sprayer offers the best air flow and power consumption in the market, as it registers 81.000 m3/h with only 39hp, compared to the 55.000 m3/h with 60hp of conventional equipment. This air volume allows a better coverage in trees with a high plant density such as citrus trees, uniformly covering both the outside and inside areas of the tree to which is more difficult to access and where pests proliferate if a poor treatment is carried out. The air-blast sprayers also reduce noise by 80%, so the farmer works more comfortably and reduces the risks caused by noise pollution.

Pulverizadores Fede is a Spanish company founded in 1967, which specialises in the production of sprayers for the protection of special crops. The company´s two fundamental pillars are innovation and internationalisation. The company is present in the markets of about 22 countries in all continents. Meeting the demand of a growing population for the provision of healthy and affordable food through a sustainable and profitable agriculture is also one of its objectives.

The company wants to meet

·         Producers, exporters of fruits, vegetables and horticultural crops

·         Distributors for the products

·         Representatives of Farmers’ Cooperatives


2. Solar PV energy solution called Sunnibox made by SOLARBOX

Suninbox consists of a portable Solar PV energy solution that integrates in a certified container all the components necessary to generate electricity autonomously. It has a tracker to increase the collection efficiency of solar systems by more than 35% whilst making it easy to transport to places it is needed.  

It guarantees continuous energy supply, lowers operational and maintenance costs and has low cost standalone systems that are portable and easy to install, to facilitate transport and use. One of the main identified target markets is the agricultural sector, which is highly affected by the intensive energy requirements of the irrigation systems (average installed power need of 2kW/Ha).

 SUNINBOX, solar energy generator is able to generate electricity the whole of the 24 hours  in a day and the 365 days a year just relying on solar radiation. Its unique selling point is its powerful capability to deliver 12 kilowatts of clean and safe energy, not reached in a portable system until now with an incredible ease of use. Just by the press of a button, the systems unfolds automatically. The systems comes containerised in a 20 feet container so it comes ready and it can be moved to any location in the world it is needed.  

SOLARBOX is a solar energy company founded in 2006 in Spain focusing on developing solar projects along EU and AFRICA. The company’s mission is to demonstrate solar energy as a clean, sustainable and reliable primary energy source.  SOLARBOX objectives are to implement solar systems all over the world in substitution of fossil or nuclear energy resources. SOLARBOX offers a strong technical department with wide expertise for solar projects of any size. The company has developed projects in Kenya, Uganda, Morocco, Eritrea, etc., and offers distribution of solar equipment from main manufacturers in the world with signed agreements. The company  has become official service partner for AGB (Denmark) and Fronius (Austria). In the last year, Solarbox  won  several solar projects for local government in Spain. The company was awarded the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument grant for its project.

Solarbox is interested in meeting

·         Government agencies involved in rural electrification

·         Distributors 

·         Technical partners in Nigeria

·         Representatives of renewable energy associations

·         Investors

·         Public procurers who have access to bidding on current or future power projects

·         Customers/End users 


GFM studies the customer’s needs to develop the best solution for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Its solar panels produce 350kw of solar power from a simple plug and play portable solution. GFM develops, installs and carries out maintenance of renewable energy systems, mainly photovoltaic types. GFM was created in 2004 for the promotion, engineering, installation and maintenance of Solar parks in Spain.  The company then included offgrid solutions to its portfolio e.g. Minigrids. These certified systems are sold in portable containerised solutions. Today, GFM works with several international partners, delivering projects in markets across the globe.  It is involved in the technical design, technology transfer and maintenance off all offgrid solutions which are sold in portable containers or special trailers.

Advantages of solar PV Photovoltaic panels

PV panels provide clean – green energy. During electricity generation with PV panels there is no harmful greenhouse gas emissions so solar PV is environmentally friendly. Solar energy is energy supplied by nature – it is free and abundant! In one hour, the sun radiates solar energy enough to cover for human energy consumption for a year. Solar energy can be made available almost anywhere there is sunlight. Photovoltaic panels, through photoelectric phenomenon, produce electricity in a direct electricity generation way. PV panels require less operating maintenance than other renewable energy systems. PV panels produce no noise at all; consequently, they are a perfect solution for urban areas and for residential applications. PV panels can provide an effective solution to energy demand where energy is in very high demand

GFM wants to meet:  

 • Government agencies involved in rural electrification

• Manufacturing companies with high electricity costs

• Investors 

• Solar panel distributors

• Technical partners

• Representatives of renewable energy associations


Microsystems for Quality of Life SL (IMICROQ) develops products for the detection of pathogens in food samples. IMICROQ will contribute to improve the quality and safety of food products. The company also offers biosensor technology that provides services for technological development and manufacturing of whole sensors. iMiCROQ product -  QFAST is a Rapid microbiologic method to detect in an easy, feasible way pathogen bacteria that are foodborne.

More details, contact: +234(0)8084356958

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