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Most shops and supermarkets may reduce the prices of expired or almost-expired foods to clear them quickly from their shelves - in this Yuletide and always, check the expiry dates on all edible products you buy such as biscuits and other confectioneries especially foreign ones. The money you save from buying stale or expired foods because they are cheap or discounted cannot compare to the cost of ill-health as a result. It’s equally bad, even worse to package expired or nearly expired food products in hampers you give/send to family, friends and business associates. It could send a very wrong message i.e. “Í’m sending these to you since they are stale or almost expired, eat them very quickly so they won’t waste - chop-chop.”

Rather, go for fresh, healthy foods –many Nigeria food producers/processors now beautifully package freshly, healthy foods that will be as attractive or even more attractive to the eyes in hampers or gift packs for the people that matter to you – a Gift is an expression you love or hold someone in high esteem, it is not to dispose items. Even your business associates won’t mind beautifully packaged healthy foods.

For enquiries on where or from whom to buy beautifully packaged edibles for your household or as gifts, contact: Contact: +234(0)8037240471, WhatsApp: +234(0)8092236484, Emails:, Website: 

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