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Farm Café:, Nigeria’s most robust and foremost Agribusiness Information, Marketing/Publicity and B2B Connection firm has reached two years of operations. Launched February 29, 2016, in spite of all odds, Farm Café has continued to grow strong, maintaining its focus of providing these services to stakeholders all along the agricultural Value Chains in Nigeria with growing interests from other parts of Africa, Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

Our operations include:

Services for individuals and organisations needing business-related information on Nigeria’s agricultural sector to start or expand their businesses.

Marketing of farm produce and other agro food products for farmers, processors, retailers etc using mainly ICT.

Directly sourcing customers for our clients that have products such as agricultural machineries, technological solutions

We also source customers for our clients that do training, consulting, exhibitions and so on for agricultural or related businesses

We source suppliers for individuals and businesses that want to buy agro commodities and other agro products from Nigeria for export or for processing or reselling within Nigeria.

On request, we connect potential and existing investors in Nigeria’s Agribusiness Industry with individuals and organisations they need to move their businesses or projects forward.

Your prosperity is our mandate -

So, your business does deserve Farm Café. Contact us on +2348084356958, WhatsApp: +2348092236484,,,


Oluyinka Alawode

Director, Farm Cafe

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