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Wealth creation in agribusiness should not be by trial and error, there are places where you can get practical insights on simple latest technologies you can apply to bring down your costs and increase your profit. Hadur Travel and Tours, a pioneer of agro-tourism in Nigeria has track records of remarkable results achieved by those who have undertaken agro-study tours and implemented what they learned. Olufunke Taiwo, CEO of Hadur Travel and Tours says, “We organise tours in a professional way to places where existing or potential agribusiness entrepreneurs can grasp what they need to do take their farming or other forms of agribusinesses to higher profitability. All you do is focus on the mind-empowering insights that will enable you make greater impacts and turn around your financial fortunes  while we take care of the logistics and demands of the tour so your mind will be relaxed to learn and network.”

In the second half of this year, Hadur is organising inspiring Agro Study Tours for greater productivity and incomes – the Songhai Farm Centre Agro Study in Port Novo, Benin Republic on 5th to 9th August,  and another on 18th to 22nd November. As a tourism company, it organises religious tourism as well. A pilgrimage to Israel holds 31st Oct - 8th November and guess what - if you want a two-in one (Pilgrimage plus agro-tourism) or three in one (Pilgrimage plus agro-tourism plus leisure) to Israel, Hadur Travel is one Tour company you should contact. Call, text or WhatsApp 08033134108 or 08086762154

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