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Are you an agribusiness operator (farmer, processor, trader, equipment fabricator etc) or you provide services for the sector (transporter, merchant, financier (agric desks of banks), exporter etc) or a user of agricultural products (that includes everyone and to a great extent most businesses)? You need to know this:

I have discovered vital keys to your agribusiness productivity/prosperity   – Really? Yes!

I recently concluded a two-week Professional Capacity Building International Programme on the theme:-Building Agribusiness Relations for Sustainable Profit – Learning key skills for inclusive business development. The training was by ICRA - International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture. It was for Agribusiness Service Providers; it was held in Ibadan from 18th to 29th June and included the following topics:

  1. Building Business Relationships

  2. Creation of market value for agricultural commodities

  3. Analysing competition, coordination and competitive playing fields

  4. Value chain mapping and analysis

  5. Technical and organisational innovations

  6. Agribusiness Clusters and partnership development

  7. Business Support services and agribusiness coaching

  8. From needs to planning of business support interventions in agribusiness clusters

  9. Partnering skills for profitable collaboration

  10. Negotiation towards win-win situations

  11. Models and embedded funding options for business support services in agribusiness clusters

  12. Contract development in agribusiness clusters

Very many thanks to ICRA, for organising this workshop, to the foundation that sponsored me for the training and to the highly skilled, experienced trainers:-Toon Defoer, Mariëtte Gross, Gbenga Idowu and François Dossouhoui.

ICRA organises international short courses to strengthen the capacities of professionals working in agricultural education, research, agribusiness support & advisory services. Check for more information.

This ICRA course I attended in Ibadan was practical in every way. Apart from the class exercises, experience sharing, mapping and analyses of value chains we watched in videos, we also had a field trip to Psaltry International Limited (a cassava processing factory) and the Ado Awaye Cassava Agribusiness Cluster in Ado Awaye, near Iseyin, Oyo state, meeting representatives of Cassava farmers supplying raw cassava to Psaltry and all the value chain actors in the cluster such as the input dealers, transporters, tractor operators etc. It was a lot of interesting, exciting capacity building work and you bet, there were recreational activities as well -  visits to the National Museum in Ibadan, the U.I. Zoological Garden, dinners at Chinese restaurant etc.

How will all these affect you, you no doubt wonder? This is it - Going forward, Farm Café will be working with interested agribusinesses (farmers, input dealers, processors, logistics services, marketers and so on) to create better market value for your agricultural products, broker win-win collaborations that will lead to greater productivity and prosperity (higher incomes) for all the stakeholders involved – that could be you!

For more details, contact: Phone/WhatsApp: +234(0)8037240471, +234(0)8092236484.






ICRA is a non-profit consultancy, based in Wageningen, The Netherlands and dedicated to inclusion of smallholder farmers in sustainable agribusiness. ICRA’s goal is to help end poverty and hunger and to promote sustainable resource use, through inclusive innovation partnerships and by the strengthening individual, organisational and institutional capacities required to make these partnerships work. ICRA connects farmers, firms and consumers by improving links in innovative ways. ICRA was founded in 1981 and has worked in Africa, Asia and Latin America over the last 35 years, facilitating knowledge co-creation and on-the-job coaching and advisory services for agricultural education and outreach, research and agribusiness.

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