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Agricultural Value Chain Financing – how it works for everyone’s benefit

Oftentimes, a well-established agro-business such as processor on its own is able to access financing from commercial lenders but run into problems because the key raw material suppliers to the business such as farmers are unable to produce enough for the agro-firm to run at full capacity and profitably. To achieve the much needed agro-base industrial development in Africa, all actors in a value-chain that need financing to boost productivity impacting other businesses in the value chain must be able to access the funds. But financing some actors in the value chain - the primary producers is often a daunting task for institutional lenders. The Value Chain approach to agricultural credit has however shown great potentials with all the actors including the support services providers such as financiers benefiting immensely.

To explore how that is being achieved, how it can be scaled up, identifying and overcoming the challenges and meeting a large network of stakeholders in agricultural value chains and support services provider, Welcome2Africa International is inviting the general public to its upcoming conference on Value Chain Financing, another edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit holding 18th to 19th September 2018 in Utrecht - The Netherlands.

VCF2018 seeks to explore problems associated with agricultural value chain financing and proffering possible solutions to these problems. It also seeks to create a platform for various stakeholders, agribusiness owners, financial professionals, governmental and non- governmental parastatal, agriculture related exporters and importers to connect for the betterment and development of Africa 

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Key topics to be discussed at the VCF2018 includes the following:

  • The challenges of offering agricultural credits through the value chain finance principle.

  • How can value chain actors access financing from foreign investments?

  • Mechanisms to govern and monitor finance placed into the agribusiness at all levels of production.

  • How can we maximally enhance financial innovations?

  • Improving facilitation of linkages with exporters, which would demonstrate the availability of well-established market outlets and provide sufficient value-added potential at the local level. 

Welcome2Africa International aims at enhancing the image of Africa and poverty eradication through the agricultural sector. With the participation of organisations such as yours in the VCF 2018, together with a dedicated and accomplished team, the face of Africa through a vibrant, prosperous Agribusiness Sector can be recreated.

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Welcome2Africa International is a private sector development firm with the core goal of catalysing finance and investments into Africa, with focus on agribusiness. So, it has created a platform  - the Agrique Africa Investment Summit  (AAIS) specially designed to promote investment and drive commercial interest in partnership with African Development Bank. The platform is aimed at serving the purpose of facilitating business interactions which will lead to fruitful business relationships.

This summits follows on from previous Agrique Africa Investment Summits held by Welcome2Africa International in Accra, London, Abuja, Frankfurt and Brussels, which addressed different issues in the Agribusiness sector in Africa giving participants a more solid base for their operations in the agricultural sector of Africa.

Some invited/confirmed participants include

  • Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL)

  • Finnish  Fund  for Industrial Cooperation Ltd

  • Rabobank

  • Old Mutual Agri Fund

  • Victus Global Capital

  • Netherlands Development Finance   Company

  • Africa   Commodities   Exchange   Limited

  • Centre   for International Agricultural Law and Food Security

  • KFW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau)

  • Christof Walter Consulting

  • European Development Finance Institutions – EDFI

  • European Centre for Development Policy Management – ECDPM

  • Clarity Economic Consultancy

  • FMO - Dutch Development Bank

  •  AL DAHRA AGRICULTURE; UFF Agri Asset Management

  • Nitron Group

  • Clarmondial

  • OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) 

  • GSCM (Global Sustainable Capital Management)

  • Phoenix Global – DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)

  • CVG Capital

  • Kasavex

  • AgDevCo

  • SCOPEInsight

  • FranchiseAfrica

  • IFC - International Finance Corporation in Washington

  • Wishes Alliance

  •  Alluvial group

  • German Investment Corporation

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