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Would you really like to see practical demonstrations on the surest ways individuals or organisations can earn money or increase their streams of income by investing in agribusiness?

 These are not just trite words- Any aspect of agricultural production you opt for can be a money spinner. But information/knowledge can make the difference between success or failure.

That is the reason Hadur Travel and Tours, the pioneer of agro-tourism in Nigeria in the last five years has been organizing tours to choice destinations where investors can see practical demonstrations on agricultural income generating investments with testimonies which are available on Hadur Travel and Tours website:


If you really want to find out ways different aspects of agribusinesses yield income, then you need to make a practical discovery.  One of the places is right on African soil, at the Songhai Centre in Port Novo, Benin Republic, where latest models on successful agribusinesses are being used to generate wealth and this knowledge can be practically given to individuals and organizations so they can get good returns on their investments from different aspects of agribusinesses in any part of Africa..


Therefore Hadur Travels has slated different Agro-study trips for the Year 2016. One of the most popular because it is in nearby Port Novo, Benin Republic is the Agro study trip to Songhai Farm Centre in Benin Republic.  Hadur Travel and Tours’ agro-tours are great opportunities to learn and explore the best farming practices that will help you start or boost your agribusiness and generate income for yourself while also creating jobs. The trips are also spiced with visits to exotic or historical sites near the places of agro-study centres.

Agriculture is coming back to the center-stage of Nigeria’s economy. Going forward, more windows of opportunities will be thrown opened for a lot of Nigerians looking to get away from paid employment,  or even stay on and increase their income streams while in paid employment or in another business.


So, when it comes to agribusiness ideas, do you want to know the best investment choices available? You can find out these and many more at the Songhai Farm Center in Port Novo.  You will get new ideas and inspiration on starting or boosting your agribusiness.


For more enquiries on the tours, contact:


Hadur travel and tours Ltd
Phone : 234-8033134108,08099350378,

Suite 22 Block B G/floor
Alausa Shopping Mall , Alausa,
Ikeja ,Lagos, Nigeria.


About Hadur Travel and Tours

We are International Tour Operators. We package inspiring professional executive tours. We commenced business in 2010 and have since packaged many successful group, individual and family tours.  We help our customers achieve more with less. Our chief customer officer is Olufunke Taiwo. She is supported by a highly dedicated staff and passionate board of directors.


Whether you want historical biblical tours or exciting modern vacations, or you prefer our business tours for exposure and wealth of experience we will help  take you or your  company to heights you cannot imagine.  We will package a memorable tour you won’t ever want to forget. Do contact us for your needs.

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