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Large quantities of Saw palmetto, Moringa leaves, Aloe Vera needed

A medium-sized food and herbal remedies processing company needs farmers/producers or sellers of Saw palmetto plant, Moringa leaves and Organic Aloe Vera to regularly supply its production/processing lines.

Saw palmetto has been in the forefront of alternative medicine for prostrate health and the processing firm is working at developing herbal remedy for prostrate challenges and require information on communities where the plant is in abundance and can be cultivated. Moringa leaves and organic Aloe vera also required to feed its current Aloe-vera-based products and Moringa-based production/processing lines. If you are a producer or seller of any of these three plants and can supply on regular basis, please contact - Call/WhatsApp/Text: +2348037240471, +2348092236484, email:

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