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The Back2Back agri-finance training series seeks to provide an intimate and interactive platform to discuss the basics and intricacies of various forms of innovative financing in the agribusiness sector among key players and investment/ finance experts. The trainings have an overall objective of identifying and overcoming gaps identified

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Welcome2africa aims to use the learning outcomes from this training to facilitate a much needed financial revolution in the agribusiness sector.

Blended finance discusses the deployment of concessional funds by the public sector to boost finance to available private sector projects.

Public/donor finance highlights the availability of public funds (grants) by NGOs and other donor agencies for agribusiness projects.

Islamic finance describes the use of interest free capital raised by banks and other lending institutions used to finance projects that comply with the Islamic law, while Value Chain Financing refers to financial products and services that flow to or through any point in a value chain that enable investments that increase actors’ returns and the growth and the competitiveness of the chain.

Welcome2Africa international is a private sector development company committed to the positive economic growth of Africa and from the get-go, she was founded upon the vision to redefine the image of Africa. It develops and initiate a range of activities to catalyse and facilitate investment, trade and business/commercial interest into and across Africa - All with a current focus and commitment to the development and transformation of Africa's Agribusiness sector.

Registration/enquiries: Email:, Call: +2348100516918

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