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This is a call to farmers planting or intend to plant Stevia. There are processors in need of Stevia leaves regularly for their production processes. Stevia is a plant that can be used in producing a natural sweetener with low carbohydrate therefore it is an alternative to sugar in homes, drinks/food processing industries and anywhere where healthy alternative sweeteners are used or needed. Although Stevia is very much sweeter than sugar, you would not have to worry about gaining excessive weight and other health issues as a result of consuming Stevia because it has no calories and the glycemic index is zero.

The fresh stevia leaves can be used as sweetener, the leaves can be dried, crushed, and used as sweetener or can be processed organically into powder for sweetening..

The seeds or the plant cuttings can be planted. Stevia is native to South America but it can be planted in Nigeria and could provide good, regular income for farmers and/or distributors.  Already, consumers and food processors are seeking for regular supply in Nigeria. If you plant stevia, or know where it can be sourced regularly in Nigeria, Call/WhatsApp/Text +2348037240471, +2348092236484, Email:

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