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Health Benefits Of Drinking Greengold Teas

Green gold teas – Ginger and Moringa 100 percent natural, beneficial to the whole body, contains Antioxidants which help slow down aging, keeps the body hydrated, boosts the brain and mental wellness, lowers stress hormone, helps protect the heart - reduces risk of heart attack and stroke. Greengold Teas are anti-cancer, anti-tumour and anti-diabetic. Greengold Teas protect the bones, helps lower cholesterol and most importantly aids digestion.

The Greengold Ginger tea helps reduce menstrual cramps, stops excessive bleeding during menstruation, helps in weight control, flattening bloated tummy, to combat cold and catarrh, etc

The Greengold Moringa Tea has the ability to fight and prevent diabetes, anti-inflammation of the body. It gets rid of acne, fights cancers, increases breast milk production, lowers cholesterol, provides long-lasting energy, improves weight loss efforts, enhances wound Healing, great Hair growth stimulant, energy booster.

A cup of Greengold Moringa tea every morning can energise your body parts and help you to remain pro- active throughout the entire day. You will automatically feel that you are feeling well and energised than before.

To order for any or both of the Greengold teas, contact +2348052069264. For any further enquiries, comments, feedback, contact, +2348092236484

Good News From Users After Drinking Greengold Ginger Tea

“I went for a party in Ijebu ode with my friends.  When we came back, eight of us that went for the party all started stooling. After about 24hours of continuous stooling, my sister brought out Greengold ginger tea and we all took one bag each.  That was end of stooling” - Mrs Lg

“I always bleed heavily during my monthly period.  I went online to check how to stop excessive bleeding during menstruation and the answer I got is ginger.  I took one teabag of Greengold Tea and blood flow reduced drastically. Now I move around without heavy flow during menstruation  again - Thanks to Greengold Tea.”- Sharon

“My name is Miracle  - I used to have cramps during my period. Last month I took Greengold ginger tea and the pain disappeared.”

To order for any or both of the Greengold teas, contact +2348052069264. For any further enquiries, comments, feedback, contact, +2348092236484

Other Greengold teas include Soursop Tea, Gotu Kola Tea, Bitterleaf Tea and Cocoa Tea. Also available is Noni Juice

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