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…better still start a Natural Spices Business

I am doing this post because I have come to realise that many spices in Nigeria have healing properties, therefore they boost the body immune system, at the same time give foods very delicious, natural, refreshing flavours devoid of harmful chemicals.

You can learn how best to use these natural spices and to get them or commercialise them by participating in this short training  - its online so you can join from anywhere you are as long as you have internet access. Contact: Natural & Sazzy on +2348186622197 to participate and for further enquiries.

As I said earlier, Natural seasonings have healing qualities as well. During the 1st week of September at home, we washed and peeled beans and wanted to sun-dry so as to grind into powder. It has been sunny for days but that day the sun did not shine so brightly - it was sort of foggy, so the beans did not dry. The next day also it wasn't so sunny, it even rained so we brought in the beans which was still not dried. By the 3rd day the peeled beans was having a bad odour because it wasn't well dried. The first thought was to throw everything away - about 3 Dericas (roughly 3kg) - what a waste that would have been. But certain thoughts came to me because of my knowledge of natural seasonings. So I decided to have the beans taken to the grinder's to grind- not into powder but into paste after adding some water so that I can use to make moin-moin.

I used only natural seasonings – (no artificial or chemical based seasonings). The natural seasonings were scent leaves, curry leaves, turmeric, ginger, onions and a little lime in the small meat stock with vegetable oil and pepper. The resulting moin-moin tasted nice but still had a little of that sour taste and foul odour but the taste of the natural seasonings were stronger. I gave out some of the moin-moin and kept some till the following day - no refrigeration - the Prepaid Meter in my residence wasn't working so no electricity to refrigerate- (that is a story for another day as those who installed the meter have come to check using generator to test and confirm the meter is not faulty but there is still no electricity from the DISCO since October 18th till date- January 21st- but life must go on).

So I just ensured on that early December day that the remaining moin-moin wrapped in leaves were not covered since I could not refrigerate them. By following morning after warming, the taste of the moin-moin had improved - just a very mild taste of the sourness due to the hitches when we attempted to sun-dry and the foul odour of yesterday had somewhat changed to a mildly nice aroma. By evening of following day, even without refrigeration at all, the sourness in the moin-moin had completely gone – I mean it - COMPLETELY gone and the moin-moin tasted so delicious as the taste of the natural seasonings had become so prominent - no hint of sourness, and even NO FOUL ODOUR at all but a very delicious taste and sweet aroma  - the taste and scent of the natural seasonings or spices.

My researcher instincts went into operation - I began to ponder what may have happened. If I had not been the one handling it, I may have thought the other person went to make fresh moin-moin after the ones we cooked the day before initially had some foul taste and odour.

 What I then realised was that just as those natural seasonings have healing effects on the body, within the next 24 hours of cooking the moi-moin the spices had healed the beans – subdued, in fact over-powered whatever it was that was making the moin-moin taste sour because the beans may have started getting spoilt before we decided to cook it into moin-moin.

So the fact that the natural seasonings healed the beans completely means they can and do have healing effects on the body system as well when consumed. There is a clear-cut scientific explanation for it – will spare you the science of it except anyone really wants to know.

If natural seasonings can make sour and foul odour beans later taste delicious and give a very nice aroma 24 hours later even without refrigeration,  you can imagine how really nice and delicious the moin-moin that I make with natural seasonings with freshly washed and peeled beans – delicious taste and superbly nice aroma all the way to the delight of the palate and the boosting of the body immunity.  

 On the recipe for making moin-moin and other foods with natural seasonings for such delicious and healthy outcomes, I am sure Tolulope Fatuase Ajose, founder Natural & Sazzy will teach this to those who want to learn the making of healthy meals.

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