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It started exactly February 29th, Year 2016, knowing there would be lots and lots of challenges, I had feelings of uncertainties but I decided to give it my best shot:

It started exactly February 29th, Year 2016. I had just undergone some hours of training on how to operate the website: and the instructor said, “Now, you can start.” As I left the location of the training, I kept wondering if I could actually undertake it, knowing there would be lots and lots of challenges.

I have an educational background in general agriculture, I believe I am called to be a writer and I have undertaken several courses in different aspects of writing. I had a vibrant professional work experience in journalism with foremost business newspaper in Nigeria reporting/writing on agriculture, SMEs and business generally. I have also freelanced for a UK based media organisation reporting/writing on agriculture-related development issues mostly for Spore magazine published by CTA. I have also received trainings from these and other mentors in development journalism and infopreneurship. I have undertaken several other entrepreneurship courses. Before starting Farm Café, I did some weeks of training on tech-entrepreneurship sponsored by Microsoft at Fate Foundation. But even with all the work experience and impressive trainings, I still had feelings of uncertainties. I wondered if Farm Café would end like most businesses – dying after the first or second year of operation.

But by evening of that February 29th, I decided that I would give it my best shot with God helping me and that was what I did because I really wanted and still want to contribute my own part to helping businesses grow particularly in my country.

It was tough sailing indeed. Most of Farm Café’s services have been offered free and at very low fees. Apart from the website, people make contact through other channels and ask for information mostly in the area of agribusiness. It’s always a joy to me personally to see people making progress in life and business. From time to time, Farm Café also provides information on nutrition related matters so people can stay healthy.

What Farm Café does:

  • provides information services for individuals/organisations needing information on Nigeria’s agricultural sector
  • sources information on suppliers for those that want to buy agro commodities/products in Nigeria
  • markets or publicises agro products/services to target stakeholders in Nigeria’s agribusiness industry through as well as direct marketing channels using ICT.
  • connects potential & existing investors in Nigeria’s Agribusiness Industry – B2B connections.


There have been lots of support from my family, the clientele and different stakeholders including individuals and organisations within and outside the country.  I do appreciate them all and have noted their immense support. They will always be remembered and well appreciated. Most of all, I thank God who has been my ever-present help.






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