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A travel and tour company here in Nigeria is seeking farms that are well-established in animal farming, crop production and if possible, related agro-processes. Preferably, the farming business should have facilities for short duration practical courses and/or well-informed tour guide(s) that can take visitors who are on agro-study tour, around the farm and explain the farming activities or processes ongoing there. The farm or operator(s) would be paid for the visit and time taken to enlighten the agro-study participants by the tour company. .

If the farm does not have standard hotel/guesthouse facilities on its premises, if such accommodation and restaurants or canteens are available in the locality, that would be an added advantage.

The tour company offering this prospect has been into organising/packaging different kinds of tours including agro-study tours for about a decade, mostly outside Nigeria and is now looking to do more of its agro-tourism in Nigeria.   

Agro-tourism or agritourism or farm-based tourism is the combination of mainly business and some bit of leisure activities on farm(s) or in the environment of the farm(s) for visitors. The aim is for the visitors to observe first-hand how certain activities are carried out on a farm with a view to generating ideas to start or expand their own agricultural businesses, explore partnership opportunities and establish Business to Business Connections.

According to World Tourism Organisation (WTO), agro-tourism is a part of rural tourism. As there are usually landmark sites in many rural areas, the tour company would also be making arrangements for the agro-study participants to visit some interesting locations in Nigeria within the vicinity or along the routes of farms visited for the agro-study tours. All logistics, including security will be factored into the agro-tours for the participants. 

Interested farms/farmers, may contact +2348037240471, +2348092236484,  to indicate interest or make further enquiries. Email 

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