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These look like sausages or salmosa included in small chops but they are actually sweet potatoes - mashed with ingredients like fish, raw eggs, oil and pepper added to the mix - you may choose to add other ingredients like diced onions, butter, shredded meat or chicken, seasonings of choice etc.

It is then rolled into this shape or any shape you would prefer. Afterwards roll in egg white and coat with flour immediately.

Heat vegetable oil and then mildly fry the rolls or balls or squares.

If you don't like frying, you may also just put in baking pan after mixing and rolling with egg white/coating with flour and bake in an oven.

It tastes so very delicious and also relatively healthy- it is NOT junk food.

So if you or family members are tired of regular foods and just want something different, this is a good one to try cooking.


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