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Are you looking:

  1.  for further insights into Africa's agribusiness sector

  2.  to meet potential co-investors

  3. to engage with Africa-based agribusinesses wanting to raise their profile for partnership or investment purposes?

If so, you need to consider going for 2nd Edition of The Agrique Africa Investment Summit, the exclusive platform for Africa-focused investors and financiers.

The Agrique Africa Investment Summit is holding June 23rd 2016 at Sofitel, St James, London, United Kingdom.

The Agrique Africa Investment Summit 2016 will bring together experienced financiers, investors and seasoned business leaders to share their experiences in respect to investing or financing African Agriculture.

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According to the organisers. the African agricultural sector is worth over $1 trillion dollars, and the 2nd edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit will provide participants with the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and insights, while networking with the senior-most people within Africa’s agricultural sector.

The premier 1st Agrique Africa Investment Summit took place in November 2015, in Ghana. This 2nd edition is planned to focus on investment and financing issues relevant to successful agribusiness in Africa.

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Nasamu, (2016-06-17 01:34:16), said...

African Investment summit, why hold it in UK . Most young entrepreneurs who need investors cant afford to travel far a way .... please assist us in bringing this event to West Africa, Nigeria precisely ,

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