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Cashew investors’ access to finance to increase through Lagos workshop  

A workshop     aimed      at     promoting       financial          inclusion          for       investors and financiers in the cashew industry is holding Thursday July 14, in Lagos 2016.

The workshop is initiated by the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) and supported by the USAID Nigeria Expanded Trade  and       Transport Project (NEXTT) and the USAID West Africa Trade and Investment Hub  (WATIH).

Tagged ‘Access to Finance in  the Cashew Value Chain Workshop’, the one day event brings together USAID WATIH specialists, cashew market experts, banks and financial institutions, and financial advisors to discuss current obstacles and potential pathways to increased access          to  finance in  the cashew value chain. In particular, the programme will          focus on methods for maximising the potential of the Nigerian cashew sector to attract investment and ensure competitiveness.

As part of ACA’s ongoing mission to  promote the global competitiveness  of the African cashew value chain, the workshop was conceptualised as a means to link the cashew           sector to financial institutions and increase the bankability of cashew processors.    

By ensuring that processors have access to the vital credit and working capital necessary to purchase Raw            Cashew Nuts (RCN), ACA is fostering the long-term viability            of the African cashew processing industry.

Presentations from leading Nigerian trade experts; panel discussions between investment professionals; and personalised 'Business-to-Business’ meetings with West Africa       Trade  Hub financial  advisors, banks, and            financial institutions   will      significantly     enhance participant’s technical and  strategic knowledge  on accessing the financial           opportunities  for investment in the cashew value chain. With support from USAID WATIH, ACA has worked closely with NEXTT, the National Cashew  Association of Nigeria (NCAN),

ACA will also be holding the 2016 World       Cashew           Festival           &        Expo   in Bissau,        Guinea-Bissau from     September     19-22, 2016.


For further details on the cashew  workshop and festival , contact:             ( ACA  Communications       Intern,            Caitlin Erskine (+233  302 78 22 33), or send an      email   to


About   ACA

The African Cashew Alliance (ACA) was established in 2006  as an association of African and international businesses       devoted to promoting a globally competitive African          cashew industry.      

Today, nearly  200 member companies work under the ACA banner and represent all aspects of the      cashew value   chain,  including producers,   processors, traders, and international           buyers.

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