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Improve Your Packaging Skills Through Online Training

Boost your products' sales with improved packaging 

 ...through online training


If you cannot wait or do not want to travel to Germany for the Packaging Conference holding February, next year, there is another means of getting this vital knowledge wherever you are.

Who likes travelling these days when joining a workshop or a course in packaging? The time-loss is substantial, your carbon footprint is yet another 'inconvenient truth', unexpected delays are frequent and safety concerns can be relevant as well.

Time to consider the online NVC workshops, like the one on flexible plastic packaging and the one on paper & board packaging. Key-aspects: global access, live tutors, specialised 3hr-sessions and full Q&A possibilities and tutor-student interaction.

At such online training, the experienced live tutors explain the production processes, packaging types, processing techniques and applications of paper and (corrugated) board or flexible plastics in two interactive sessions of three hours for each workshop.

The online NVC E-Workshop Flexible Plastic Packaging (first of the two sessions starts 28 September 2016) while the online NVC E-Workshop Paper and Board Packaging (first of the two sessions starts 4 October 2016).

The tutors will answer all your questions during the sessions or afterwards. They are assisted in the NVC training studio by specially trained E-Course Technical Education Assistants (ETEA's).

All you need to attend the sessions are: a computer, a headset, an adequate internet connection and the possibility/permission to connect to the system used for the online learning modules. You may need to test your connection for the live online meetings before the programme.

For more information on participation, contact: Ahmed A. Omah, General Secretary, Institute Of Packaging, Nigeria (IOPN),

Board Member - World Packaging Organisation,

1st Vice President; African Packaging Organisation

Office:| 28B Gbemisola Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos | Phone: 234-1-7616219; 903 000 1903; 0903 000 2903; 0903 000 3903; 0903 000 4903|Mobile:234-(0)903 000 5803|



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