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The many wonders of catfish

Know The High Quality Catfish Producers

Due to its high level of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins especially Vitamin A and minerals including protein of course, eating fish generally and catfish in particular can go a long way in helping you stay healthy or restoring your health.  Omega 3 fatty acids are not fattening so you need not worry about that .

Based on numerous researches and personal observations, it has been found that eating catfish can: 1. clear the blood vessels by lubricating it, making it easier for blood to flow

2. help in preventing arthritis –its possible to get old and not have to use wheelchair

3. improving brain functions- try increasing catfish consumption for a dull child, it would boost his/her brain power. If there are no other issues, you can be sure of improvement in the child’s academics.

4. reduce the incidence of heart diseases - fish oil is lower in cholesterol and good for the heart

5. help to keep the eyes bright  and healthy  and improves vision as it contains Vitamin A

6. help in relieving constipation, preventing or relieving symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases

7. help to prevent cancer as it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals

8. keep the lungs healthier, prevent asthma, for children already suffering from it, it can reduce the instances of asthmatic attacks.

9. can smoothen the skin

Looking to get Very High Quality Fresh, Smoked or Spiced Catfish? Check out these producers:

Ray farms -08039760097,09026609005,09098845172

Rutej Farms: 08033319652 ( Fresh Fish & Smoked Fish)

NatureReal farms 08062366581, 08062366582

Mega mole Farms 08028497184 or 08058459627

Standout Ventures  08035754988

Kadmos Enterprises Nigeria Ltd: 07057216868, 07068738809 or 08180111855.

gef's smoke edibles:  08038786056, 08180476904, 08033377366

Standout Ventures  08035754988

Organic Green Animalia Farms: 08106790484

GUDI™: 234 818 011 1855, 07068738809, 07068738809

Bajeiid ventures: 08033051381

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