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BUHLER GROUP with innovative solutions for your businesses AGRA INNOVATE 2016

Do you have an idea of a food product- a delicacy made of chocolate that you want to put in the market and want it to look so unique that it stands out in the crowd of products calling for attention? Then you need to contact Buhler Group in Nigeria.

Why? Well, I was at AGRA INNOVATE 2016 on November 24th at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island Lagos. Going round the exhibition pavillion with a friend, we got to the Buhler stand and saw ‘Golden Coins’.  They were glittering and I wanted to touch and feel them and sought permission. “Are these real gold coins I asked?  “They are chocolates,” the Buhler rep said.

Though I am not too keen on eating chocolates, I wanted to taste these ones because the packaging looked so attractive. Straight on my friend and I were tasting the ‘golden’ chocolates.

What Buhler does is to produce the technology i.e. equipment that a producer of the chocolate or such delicacies can use to mould the item into any innovative shape such that it would arrest the attention of potential customers.

When you go to the Buhler website, you will see this written:

Be inspired – Develop your ideas with Bühler GmbH. Your speciality is the production of excellent delicacies made of chocolate. Our speciality is the transformation of innovative technological ideas into technically perfect machine and line designs for optimum process engineering, for your success. For more on this, check:

To see other such unique products and services of the company, go to

 For Your Prosperity,

Oluyinka Alawode

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